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Near 69 High Street N8 7QB

Haringey London Borough - Hornsey Ward


I reported two dumped black bags full of heavy rubbish, and you have closed it off saying it is complete. It is not complete. Shall I send you the photos or are you going to actually pick it up, for real this time. I will follow up on all my entries and check to see if there is unscrupulous behaviour going on. 69 High Street! I'll keep going till it's gone. Each time I will escalate it to a stakeholder who would find it interesting. Maybe you will do it if I say the magic word: Council Tax! Cheers!


Reported 16/05/2018 15:26
Completed Yes On 17/05/2018
Visible to public Yes
Category Dumped Rubbish
Status Closed
JobCode 1058221

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