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Near 27 Halefield Road, London N17 9XR

Haringey London Borough - Tottenham Hale Ward


Hello, We have been having problems with our drains / toilet blocking and all of the drains for over a year now. Unfortunately, the problems have been getting worse for the past three months. In January a private company came over and they said that it is Thames Water that is responsible and they could not do anything to help, although of course I had to pay them. Thames Water are aware and have been promising to come and do a clean up. They come and say they can't really do anything as it will get blocked again, or clean it up and it is alright for just a few hours. We have to go and use a toilet in a supermarket and shower at the swimming pool and that has been going on for the past 3 monhts. I have all the messages from Thames Water. Last Saturday they were supposed to do another descale and sort the problem but at the moment the toilet is overflowing. I believe that that is a health hazard. Thames Water come and clean up the school drains overnight but can not be bothered with the regular citizens. I have contacted Thames Water again and have informed them that I am seeking advice. We really need help and I am sure that it is not only our house that has been having the same issues. Please let me know what can I do. Many thanks, Antoaneta


Reported 12/03/2018 11:33
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Category Drains and gullies (blocked or broken)
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